Windows XP Upgrades

Do you have Windows XP? Upgrade now! As of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP.  While you can still use your XP machine, it is not recommended. By no longer supporting XP, this basically means that your device is now more vulnerable to attacks by hackers and viruses. You will no longer have weekly security updates from Microsoft to keep your computer, and your personal information, safe.

Also, as software and hardware manufacturers update for current versions of Windows, some programs that you rely on for home and business use may stop working. Additionally, if you plan to purchase any new accessories, such as digital cameras, printers, DVD players, or Internet-ready TVs, they will no longer be created with Windows XP in mind, meaning they just won’t work with the outdated system.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. With a brand new interface, it is great for multitasking, use on touch screens, and synching between multiple devices. It also has a new search functionality that makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for!  If you like to be on the cutting-edge of technology then Windows 8 is for you.  If you would like a more familiar version of Windows, Windows 7 may still be a great option for you.  Both 7 and 8 are significantly more secure than previous systems due to improved technology.

If you are considering upgrading your operating system to a more current version Quad-B can help. Our XP upgrade process begins by reviewing your current system to make sure that the hardware is sufficient to run a newer operating system. The good news is that quite often Windows 7, and sometimes 8, do not require updated hardware, but depending on their specs, they may. We check your memory, processor and motherboard, then test your hard drive to be sure it is still within operational standards.

The process of upgrading requires that your drive is wiped clean. We will discuss your needs to insure that none of your files are lost. Then we back-up what you would like to keep, wipe your drive clean, and do a fresh install of the new operating system. Afterwards your files will be restored to where they need to be and you are all set! The only thing that remains is for you to re-install any programs that you may use, which will not be included in a fresh install.

As much as we love the repeat business of virus removal from unprotected systems, we really hate to see people struggling with their computers. Please consider upgrading from XP to a safer operating system, and if you’d like our help, contact us for a free consultation. We can make your transition to a new operating system as frustration-free as possible!

Editor’s Note: We REALLY hope you’ve upgraded by now, but in case you haven’t, please contact Buffalo Wired today. This blog post was originally written in 2014. Don’t risk your company or your client’s data – upgrade now!


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