Web Designers Have Feelings Too

We actually find enjoyment in our work (ok, well most of it). We get excited when we are “awarded” new website projects! Each new project is like a new adventure. We get to learn about a new company, meet new people, dream up a new design, and sometimes delve into a new functionality we haven’t “played” with before.

We pour all of our thoughts and creativity into making your site the best that it can be, and we are genuinely happy about it. For us, your website and company succeeding are the main goal. If the website we design helps that happen, then we have achieved our goal.

So when you disappear for weeks, or even months on end, we get sad. Actually, we go through phases, it’s kind of like when that guy you went a date with just stops returning your calls. You know, first you make up excuses for the client, “maybe they didn’t get my email”, “maybe they’re on vacation and forgot an auto-responder”, “I bet their assistant deleted my voicemail and forgot to tell them about it.”, or, “they’re probably just busy, I bet they’ll get back to me over the weekend”.


Then you get frustrated and try not to care, “whatever, if they don’t care, why should I?!” or “really, they’re doing me a favor, I’m too busy to work on there’s now anyways.”

Then you begin to wonder what you did wrong, “maybe they didn’t like my design idea and they’re not sure how to tell me”, “I hope they didn’t decide to go with someone else, I was so excited to see this one completed!”

It’s sad really. There should be a support group for us, because unfortunately this happens a lot in our business.

It’s the nature of the beast, we work directly with a lot of small business owners. We know you’re busy, we know everything else comes before your website because you have to keep your business running. Believe me, we get it, why do you think it’s been two months since I’ve posted a blog entry?

This is why we nag, it’s part of our job you see , we are here to help. Let us know how we can. Or let us know that you haven’t forgotten about us, just respond for heaven’s sake!

Please, so we don’t have to sign up for more counseling…


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