Voice commands and intelligent automation help make your technology work for you in unprecedented ways for personal enjoyment, business automation, security, and overall efficiency.

Buffalo Wired offers experts trained in the installation and configuration of all the latest and greatest SmartDevices out there including Amazon Alexa, Justin, Google Assistant, and more.

Smart Devices

Utilizing SmartDevices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Google Assistant, Samsung SmartHome, Nest, SONOS, Control4, and other technologies can completely change the way you interact with your technology. Our experience with each will ensure your technology is always working intuitively for you.


The latest SmartTvs offer unmatched entertainment possibilities featuring integration with traditional cable boxes and antennae, but also offering integration with online services such as Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Buffalo Wired specializes in configuring, installing, mounting, and troubleshooting SmartTVs and integrating them into your existing entertainment system.

Control all your devices with one remote and make your SmartTV become a piece of your room with a variety of flexible mounting options.


Install SmartSpeakers to transform your home entertainment experience with whole-home high-fidelity audio and sound featuring individual zones that can play music independently of each other.

Whole-Home Automation

Using SmartDevices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, Control4, etc. allows for complete home automation scheduling, routines, and control of your entire system via voice commands or from a smartphone or tablet.

Have the doors lock when you leave, have the lights turn on when you come home, automatically start playing music depending on where you are, or turn on the TV just in time for your favorite show. Whole-Home Automation of the future is finally here and within reach, contact Buffalo Wired now to learn about what we can do for you.

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