Network Cameras

Security cameras are crucial to the security of your business and your everyday life. Cameras can not only allow you piece of mind while away, but can also prove to be a vital asset in the prosecution of criminals and criminal acts on your property.

Buffalo Wired can help select the best network security cameras for your home or business location from the wide selection of models and devices available on the market today.

We handle camera mounting and installation and integration into your existing DVR/NVR system as well as setup for viewing via phone apps to ensure your business or home residence is safe and secure.

Security Cameras

Buffalo Wired’s expert network camera install technicians provide the experience necessary to select cameras with the proper capabilities and feature set for your needs, as well as select where best to mount cameras to minimize dead-zones and optimize efficiency.

Our technicians are experienced with mounting cameras on a wide variety of substrates including drywall, brick, double-layer drywall, and more, ensuring that our cameras are installed securely made to withstand tampering and Buffalo’s weather.

Network Video/Digital Video Recorders

Buffalo Wired can work with your existing setup or provide a new system which allows recording at specific time frames, days, when movement is detected, and more.

Setting up security cameras is only the first step to securing your business, establishing a link between cameras and recording footage at specified intervals is vital to ensuring that data is available should a security incident arise.

To ensure your business or home is being adequately covered with camera monitoring, contact Buffalo Wired to schedule a site visit today.

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