2010 Laptop Reliability Survey Results

According to the study, ASUS and Toshiba come out on top based on the lowest amount of system failures reported. With 3-year malfunction rates forecast to be 15% these two manufacturers are nearly 40% more reliable than the worst performer in the study, Hewlett-Packard.

HP was the worst performer in this study with nearly one-fourth of the 16 million laptops it shipped in the past year expected to malfunction within 3 years. Gateway and Acer were found to be nearly as faulty with a malfunction rate of 23%.

Dell, Apple, and Lenovo reported about 20% failure rates, and Sony finished third in the list of top systems with a reported failure rate of only 16%. There are a lot of other ways to project which laptop will best suit your needs, but choosing a reliable brand name is a good place to start.

Survey Conducted by: http://www.squaretrade.com


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