How to Use Social Media Effectively

Some essential tips for utilizing your social media pages to advertise your brand and market your business.

Use your Cover Photo

On most social networking sites, you are given the opportunity to upload a cover photo. This is your chance to create your own free advertising spot. Think of it as your own Internet billboard. You should make it unique, interesting, and eye-catching. Add your logo, phone number, and web address and then come up with an interesting and appealing graphic.

Be Interesting

Don’t just “sell, sell, sell”. You could share an interesting tidbit about the industry or give out free information. Nobody will stay subscribed if all your do is share the same status update week after week.

Choose an Eye-Catching Avatar

Your avatar, like your cover photo, is another free advertising spot. Make it stand out and interesting. Your avatar will show up throughout the site whenever you comment or perform activities on the site, so it may be even more important than your cover photo.

Request Current Clients

To get a jump-start with people active and involved on your page, ask your current clients to join your social media pages. Encourage them to leave a testimonial while there.

Use Video

Video is a great way to promote yourself. It’s more personal than a status update. Incorporate video into your social media.

Test Your Audience and Content Types

Try your posts on different social media channels. And test out different content types to find what works best. You may get more results from a photo on Facebook, whereas a video may do better on another site.

Be Relatable

Make yourself and your brand seem relatable. You can do this by not just posting your own content, but also commenting others’ posts. Share photos of your office, projects that you’re working on, or anything that will hook the viewer’s interest. They will take notice.

Bring them to Your Website

Your social media efforts should always be with the focus of bringing them to your website for more information or to contact you. We don’t just give you all these tips for free! If you’d like to buy us a drink, feel free to contact us and let us help you with your social media presence.



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