How to Leverage a Facebook Page for your Business

The value of Facebook lies in its Social reach and potential influence over consumers. Having a Facebook Page allows you to communicate with prospective or past clientele on a daily basis, more openly than traditional marketing means.  You can use your Facebook Page to collect feedback from existing customers, respond to customer questions, and clear up any confusion that may exist from negative reviews or incorrect information.

How Do I Make a Facebook page?

First things first, let’s start with the basics.

Make sure you are using a Facebook Page, rather than a personal account. There are a lot of really good reasons for this, which are best left for another week’s post, but just trust me, use the correct type of page, PLEASE.

Second, make sure you create a “vanity url” for your page as soon as you are able. (You sometimes have to have a certain amount of followers or have had the page for a certain length of time) This allows you to have a neat and tidy link to send people to and use in your marketing.

Third, add a least two great pictures to your page, one for your “cover photo” and one for your “profile photo”. These images will be used to represent you on your followers newsfeeds and their friends’ as well, so you want them to be eye-catching and promote what you do at a glance, or at least intrigue them to click and check you out. (Need help with creating these graphics? Our experts can design one for you that matches all of Facebook’s rules and displays great on desktop and mobile devices!)

Fourth, fill in as much information as you can about your business. You’ll find an “about” tab underneath the profile photo on a Facebook Page. Click that and choose to edit it. Be sure to provide an accurate link to your company’s website so people who are interested in you can find out more about your business! (You didn’t just tell me you don’t HAVE a website, did you?) Business hours, contact information, and a location are among the other most important things you need to fill out if applicable.

Now it’s time to start posting!

Great Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business:

  • Share new products or services that your company is offering.
  • Ask clients for input on what they’d like to see you do next.
  • Monitor comments, photos, and posts related to your company- respond whenever possible.
  • Get involved in community posts and discussions.
  • Link posts involving other companies to promote them linking to you as well, cross-promote!
  • Create and promote special events your business is taking part in.

Things to remember:

  • If it could be “water-cooler” talk, it’s perfect for Facebook.
  • Whether it’s controversial, heart-wrenching, unbelievable, or interesting, people love to share information with their acquaintances.
  • Facebook is not meant to be used as a direct sales tool.
  • Sales will come from the proper use of Facebook, but not in the way we traditionally expect sales to funnel in. Using your Page to repeatedly push your product or service is more likely to drive your followers towards the “unlike” button rather than towards you to purchase. A good mix of information, helpful tips, reviews, quality photos, and a “human-feel” from your company is more likely to retain followers and nurture relationships.
  • The more visual the better.
  • Facebook actually gives photo posts a higher ranking, meaning they are more likely to wind-up in front of your audience, AND when they see it, they are more likely to be moved by an image than simple text.
  • Stay true to the personality of your business.
  • Even though Facebook is a social outlet, what your page posts is a direct reflection of the company itself. Refrain to talking directly to staff or friends as your company.
  • If your company fosters a more casual atmosphere your posts might be a variety of fun related videos, Pinterest shares, Yelp reviews, funny quotes about your industry, etc. On the other hand, if you represent a more formal company your posts may include links to articles by respected magazines in your industry, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Tips for working with someone in your industry, etc.
  • Keep it positive.
  • Bashing your competitors may make you feel good, but in the long run, that tactic often makes you look like the “bad guy”. Do your best to promote your company, highlight all of your positives and consumers will choose you because of who you are and what you offer.

Think about some of the companies and organizations that you follow on Facebook, what grabs your attention? What posts do you share? Take a step back and try to think like your target audience and run with it! Follow the tips above, have a little fun, and enjoy getting in touch with your customer base.

Need help with a Social Media strategy for your business? Contact Buffalo Wired for a consultation today! In just one hour we can give you tips and strategies to set you up for Facebook success.


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