Domains, Transfers, Registrations, Renewals, and SSL Certificates

Buffalo Wired is there to help you select the ideal name that reflects your company, your business, your products and services, and your geographical area to set your business up for online success.

A domain name is your home address on the web. But the best best thing about a domain name, is you can choose what you want it to be! You can use this opportunity to name it after your business name, your industry, products and services, your geographical area, or something else that represents your business and makes it easy for people to remember it and find you online.

Our experts can recommend you the perfect domain name based on what is available for sale using our industry experience to help you select the ideal address on the web. As a domain registrar, Buffalo Wired is authorized to handle a variety of tasks related to the registration and on-going maintenance of your domain name.

Domain Registration

Selecting the best domain name for your business is a process that involves narrowing down selections, checking for availability, and registering the domain name with ICANN (the Internet domain name registry).

Domain Transfers

Even if you purchased your domain with a different provider, Buffalo Wired can assume maintenance and transfer your domain in-house where we can administer and handle renewals for you.

Domain Renewals

ICANN requires domain names to be renewed annually and have their contact information validated and kept current. Buffalo Wired can handle this hassle for you eliminating the chance that your domain name expires.

SSL Secure Certificates

Websites which handle sensitive information including online stores or donation websites require a secure connection to transmit data, or you put your entire website at risk. Purchasing an SSL certificate allows your website to be navigated via HTTPS which secures your website and any data transmitted through it.

Ready to establish your online presence? Contact Buffalo Wired to take the first step today: choosing a domain name!

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