3 Password Rules to Tick Off Hackers

The idea for this blog comes from our own Christopher Martone, web designer, developer, and resident hacker-annoyer. What Internet passwords do you use? Do you use the word, “Password?” Or what about your favorite sports team? Maybe you like “123456.” Or how about your favorite color? Chances are I guessed some of your passwords—or came close.

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Tough Conversation? Create a clearing… and use a Ramp!

Today, we welcome guest blogger Bill Knoche, Outlaw in the world of selling…he breaks all the rules when it comes to selling. (You’ll see from his blog post, he breaks all the rules in writing, too!) Selling…in the field, or face-to-face with customers and clients, is no different than selling on the phone…or selling the people you work with, or your sales manager…

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