6 Ways QR Codes Help Your Business

No time for small talk. Let’s get right to it. “What is a QR code,” you ask?

Have you ever been in the grocery store and wanted to scan the bar code on a cereal box? Probably not. After all, you can see the price of the cereal right on the shelf. But what if you could see other things about the cereal while you’re still at the store? If that cereal box has a QR code (Quick Response code), you can scan the code with your smartphone and see special information or offers the manufacturer has for you—like additional nutritional information or a special coupon for savings. Reviews and ratings of the product. Maybe if another local grocer has it cheaper.

Most smartphones can scan and read QR codes. Some have built-in software while others have downloadable QR code apps available.

6 Ways Small Business can QR codes to Promote!

QR codes are not a passing fad—they are a part of the future, and the creative marketing possibilities are endless. Your website is the platform for your QR code offers. Here are six quick ideas to get you thinking about new ways to promote your business.

  1. Put a QR code on your brochures and other promotional material that links to additional information about your services on your website.
  2. Your QR code can take customers to a video demonstrating your services or products.
  3. Use a QR code to run a contest or sweepstakes.
  4. Have your business cards printed with a QR code that links to a special offer for new customers, or to reviews about your services. Also, a person can add you to their phone contacts with one click.
  5. Place a QR code on the back of product packaging to link to a special offer for a customer’s next purchase.
  6. Reward those checking out your QR code. Put the date of an exclusive sale that will only happen on a certain date or time. Only those checking the code will know about it!

QR codes can be printed on business cards, brochures, letters, sales receipts, tags, packaging, menus, ticket stubs…and the list goes on. Larger companies have put them on trucks and signage!

Buffalo Wired can brainstorm promotion ideas, create your QR codes, and prepare your website for client and customer traffic. So, if you would like to learn more, Contact Us. Your message will go directly to someone who will contact you back promptly.


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